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gTest GCTS App for iPhone & iPad

Gain freedom and mobility with the GCTS gTest App for the iPhone/iPad. This innovative application displays tests in real time and gives the user test information digitally or graphically from any location. This gives the user the ability to monitor test progress from home or wherever the user desires.


  • Remote monitoring of test status in real time.
  • Facilitates transducer and test setup.
  • Improves productivity and time efficiency.
  • Alerts if test system reaches warning/abort limits.
  • Secure encrypted data transmission.
  • Interface screens for triaxial, direct shear, creep and other GCTS CATS test modules.

GCTS has developed gTest for the iPhone/iPad. gTest is a remote monitoring application to display test status in real time. Current test information can be displayed digitally or graphically from any location. Sensor outputs, hydraulic power supply status, cycle count, and other general test progress can be accessed through your local wireless network or through the internet at remote locations.


This application can be used to facilitate transducer setup where a view of the computer screen might be obstructed as the test specimen may be placed inside an environmental chamber or some other hard to reach place. This application allows the user to move freely around the testing system and check every one of the test sensors to ensure they are properly working and set at their right position. gTest app improves productivity and eliminates requirement for a second person to setup and start a test.


The gTest app can also be run from remote locations via the internet allowing the user to monitor test status without having to physically be in front of the test system. This convenient application gives the user the freedom to go back to his/her office (or home) and continuously monitor the test system performance, only going back to the lab when required. Test program sequencing mistakes and or glitches in the hydraulic or pneumatic pressure supplies can be detected at their onset allowing for quick and timely corrective action. Now one person can manage multiple test systems even if they are located in different rooms.


This application is also a great tool for university labs where inexperienced students are performing their own experiments so the lab instructor can easily monitor their progress. Student test program errors and abnormal test results can be quickly noticed by a supervisor prompting the student for appropriate action.


Transmitted data is securely encrypted providing access to only pre-authorized personnel. If desired, the user can give access to GCTS support engineers allowing for remote service and real time system optimization.


The gTest application software includes all of the different test mode interface screens offered by GCTS CATS test software modules. Each one offers an automatic screen setup to monitor and graph relevant test data for each particular test mode.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.