Creep Test

The GCTS Rock Creep Testing Systems (eRCT Series) are engineered to perform long term tests without the need for a continuous power input. These systems utilize an electromechanical pressure intensifier to control the axial load. The intensifier has a low power consumption so it can easily be connected to a UPS battery backup to protect the system against power outages. A servo controller with keypad is connected directly to the system for easy control of the axial actuator, and interfaces with a computer for complete control of all testing procedures. Advanced software is included to automatically perform creep tests and report all the data, including axial load and on-specimen axial and radial strain. A mobile device can also be used for control of the system (iOS, Android, and Windows).

The eRCT Systems can also be upgraded with a triaxial cell and an additional ePVC to perform creep testing on specimens in triaxial conditions. This also allows for the performance of standard triaxial compression tests, with temperature control and pore pressure control if available options are added.



  • 900 kN axial load capacity
  • Specimen diameters up to 150 mm
  • Servo control of axial load or displacement
  • Energy-efficient testing (55 watts typical)
  • Testing according to ASTM D7070 and ASTM D7012
  • Uninterrupted, long-term testing by the use of an electromechanical intensifier to control the axial load
  • Data acquisition and axial load intensifier connected to UPS battery to protect against power outages
  • Optional on-specimen axial and radial strain measurement system
  • Optional pressure vessel for high-pressure testing
  • Optional ultrasonic velocity measurement system
  • Optional high-temperature control system

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Creep Test

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