Electrical Resistivity Measurement

The GCTS Electrical Resistivity System (RES-100) is designed for measuring electrical resistivity in cylindrical specimens under confined conditions. The electrical resistivity of rock is an important parameter that can be used for variety of applications, including reservoir engineering, determination of oil in place and calibration of resistivity field logs.

The GCTS RES-100 system consists of four electrodes, isolated and sealed inside the non-conducting loading platens. The resistivity measurement system can be integrated within any GCTS triaxial cell for specimens up to 100 mm in diameter. The loading platens come with pore pressure ports for injection of pore fluid and are made from high strength polymer material, resistant to corrosive fluids such as brine.

The LCR measurement system included in the RES-100 can measure resistivity and other parameters at frequencies between 100 Hz to 200 kHz with precision of 0.1%.



  • Four electrode system with high resolution meter
  • Electrically isolated loading platens to eliminate electrical noise
  • Includes two voltage and current electrodes and insulation membranes
  • Platens available for specimens up to 100 mm diameter
  • Designed for use inside GCTS rock triaxial cells

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Electrical Resistivity Measurement

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