Electromechanical Load Frame

Electromechanical load frame with two-column vertical standing assembly and threaded columns for crosshead adjustment and closed-loop control of axial load/stress or axial displacement/strain.  Servo control with closed-loop feedback from any of the eight (8) input channels or any real-time calculated function. The eFRM load frame can accommodate a large range of test fixtures. GCTS offers a large range of test apps for specific standards or custom test methods. GCTS offers several eFRM models, all of which have a 100 mm stroke with four (4) ADC channels with excitation (5 VDC or 10 VDC), simultaneous sampling, internal filtering, and selectable input range (from ±2.4 mV to ±20 V) and four (4) ADC channels with ±10 VDC fixed range.

Power Requirement: 90-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 8 A @ 1 KVA

* Load Capacity up to 90 kN Available

* Dynamic Electromechanical Load Frames Available


Download the general eFRM PDF Brochure


  • 100-mm (4 inch) stroke
  • 20 kN (5,000 lbf) Axial load capacity, up to 90 kN capacity available
  • SR-LC-SSM-20k Load cell +/-20 kN range. 0.05% precision
  • Maximum vertical daylight opening: 595 mm
  • Horizontal daylight opening: 279 mm
  • Axial actuator speed range: 0.003 mm/min to 100 mm/min – (max 25 mm/min at full 20 kN load)
  • Cyclic loading frequency up to 0.1 Hz with 10 mm peak-to-peak amplitude
  • Four (4) ADC channels with excitation (5 VDC or 10 VDC), simultaneous sampling, internal filtering, and selectable input range (from ±2.4 mV to ±20 V)
  • Four (4) ADC channels with ±10 VDC fixed range
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • Power Requirement: 90-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Download the eFRM-90 PDF Brochure


  • Precise Closed-Loop Control: The eFRM-90 allows for precise closed-loop control of net deformation or crack mouth opening, enabling accurate measurement and control of critical parameters during testing.
  • Flexible Control Options: You can easily change the feedback control mid-test from Load, displacement, net deflection, or CMOD, making it adaptable to various testing scenarios.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: This system offers an economical option for commercial labs, eliminating the need for expensive and complex test setups.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with ease of use in mind, the eFRM-90 is ideal for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to concrete testing.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: It can perform a range of standard tests such as EN 14651, ASTM C1609/C1609M-19, and customized beam tests. Additionally, it offers a library of Apps to perform different ASTM and EN standards, including unconfined compression and indirect tension tests.
  • Directional Control: The system excels in controlling displacement along the direction of the least principal stress, making it suitable for brittle materials like concrete and rock.
  • Flexural and Direct Tension Testing: It is particularly well-suited for flexural and Direct Tension Tests (DTT) by accurately measuring and controlling crack opening, ensuring stable post-peak control.
  • Customizable Procedures: Standard testing procedures can be easily customized, allowing for a combination of feedback control variables that can switch mid-test based on predefined threshold values or peak reversals.
  • Additional Testing Capabilities: The eFRM-90 is compatible with fixtures and application software for measuring the modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratio, indirect tension, and more.
  • Complex Loading Paths: This system can handle complex load or deformation paths, making it valuable for studying the intricate behavior of fiber-reinforced concrete under cyclic tension-tension and tension-compression loading.
  • Maximum vertical daylight opening: 1209 mm
  • Horizontal daylight opening: 405 mm
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • Power Requirement: 90-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz

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Electromechanical Load Frame

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