Volume Change Measurement

GCTS Volume Change Device (VCD-400) is designed to measure the volume change during unsaturated triaxial tests performed with a double-walled triaxial cell. It is equipped with a frictionless rolling diaphragm and an internal LVDT guided by ball bearing unit housed inside a stiff, stainless steel housing. The rolling diaphragm and ball bearing guide are essentially frictionless enabling volume change measurements with no pressure differential.

Unlike other such devices available in the market, hysteresis is eliminated from the VCD-400 by using a well-guided, frictionless piston. The software automatically switches the computer-controlled valve as needed and keeps track of the direction of flow and total volume change during the operation. As an option, the automatic directional valve can be replaced with a manual valve that has a digital switch indicator.




  • Virtually infinite volume measurement capacity possible due to automatic, computer-controlled, flow directional valve
  • CATS Software is designed to automatically keep track of total volume change (software sold separately)
  • Frictionless rolling diaphragm enable volume change measurements with virtually no pressure differential
  • No hysteresis due to smooth guided piston stroke & ball bearing guide
  • Stiff housing results in zero compliance errors


  • Stroke volume capacity: 400 cc
  • Resolution: 0.01 cc
  • Pressure capacity:  2,000 kPa
  • Excitation: 5 VAC @ 3 kHz
  • Output: 2.6 V/V
  • Valve control: 24 VDC


Dimensions: 40 by 30 by 30 cm
Weight: 22 kg

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Volume Change Measurement

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