Frozen Soil Tests

GCTS offers low-temperature upgrades for many standard triaxial and hollow-cylinder testing systems. These systems can provide temperature control of the specimen down to -30oC and as high as 150oC.

The GCTS Frozen Soil Triaxial Systems (FSTX Series) were designed to study the formation of gas hydrates within soil samples and to characterize the geomechanical properties and response of hydrate-laden soils and rocks found mainly within ocean sediments on the continental margins and embedded in regions of permafrost. They are capable of performing isotropic and anisotropic consolidation, UU, CD, and CU triaxial tests with volume change or pore pressure measurements, stress/strain path tests, K0 consolidation, cyclic loading including cyclic stress paths and other tests. This system is also capable of performing flexible-wall permeability tests. The FSTX systems comply with ASTM D3999 and D5311 specifications.

The GCTS Frozen Dynamic Hollow Cylinder Systems (FHCA Series) are capable of performing hollow cylinder / true triaxial tests on frozen soil specimens. These systems can simulate most field stress/strain path tests (either static or dynamic) including plane strain, simple shear, and small shear strains. They are also capable of performing other tests, including measurement of dynamic shear strength and deformation, liquefaction potential, shear modulus, and damping ratio, all at controlled temperature conditions.

FSTX Series


  • 200 kN (44 kips) axial load capacity
  • 30 MPa (4350 psi) cell pressure capacity
  • 30 Hz maximum loading frequency
  • 75 mm maximum specimen diameter
  • Computer temperature control from -30 ˚C to +150 °C
  • Electro-hydraulic closed-loop digital servo control
  • Allows for testing of geomechanical properties during formation of gas hydrates within soil samples
  • Software modules for the performance of UU, CU, and CD static tests with stress path control and dynamic tests such as liquefaction, modulus/damping measurement, and resilient modulus
  • Optional internal axial & circumferential deformation measurement system,
  • Optional platens with ultrasonic transducers for P-and S-wave velocity measurements

FHCA Series


  • Complete “turn-key” system
  • Closed-loop digital servo control
  • 1000 N-m torsional load capacity
  • 100 kN axial load capacity
  • Testing frequencies up to 50 Hz
  • Temperature control from -30°C to 150°C
  • Confining pressure, back pressure, and internal pressure servo control up to 20 MPa
  • Capable of deflections up to 45°
  • Standards systems test specimens with 100 mm outside diameter and 63.5 mm inside diameter
  • Capable of performing resonant column tests and ultrasonic tests
  • Optional platens for various specimen diameters available

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Frozen Soil Tests

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