Gauge Positioning

The GPF-100 Gauge Positioning Fixture was designed for easy and accurate extensometer holder positioning on the cylindrical asphalt specimens used in Dynamic Modulus tests. Alignment and secure fastening of the extensometers is essential in running a successful test. With the GPF-100 along with the specially designed extensometer holding pins the need for labor intensive effort is eliminated and the preparation time is reduced to a fraction of the time required otherwise.

The pin holder front face includes a recess to avoid squeezing the epoxy out while it is pressed against the sample. A rigid support is essential to eliminate errors from sensor friction or spring resistance at both low and high temperatures.




  • Precise alignment of extensometer holder pins for up to 150 mm (6 inch) diameter specimens
  • Designed to increase productivity and minimize errors
  • Specially designed extensometer gauge holders for rigid fastening to the specimen
  • Easy specimen preparation for Dynamic Modulus tests

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Gauge Positioning

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