Pressure Control

GCTS offers two solutions for controlling the pressures required for triaxial tests on soil specimens. For pressure control of rock specimens, click here.


The PCP-200 is a table-top, manually-operated, pneumatic pressure control panel for controlling the confining, pore, and back pressure in soil specimens. The system meets ASTM D3999-91 and D5311-92 pore water pressure measurement compliance requirements and has a pressure capacity of 1,000 kPa. The system can be upgraded to computer-control of some or all of the pressures if required.


The PCP-2000H consists of a pressure panel, a large cabinet, and either two (for standard triaxial and permeability tests) or three (for unsaturated or hollow cylinder tests) pressure-volume intensifiers. The intensifiers are made of stainless-steel and are used for controlling the confining pressure, pore water pressure, or pore air pressure in a specimen. A variety of intensifiers are available for 1, 2, or 3.5 MPa pressures and 300, 800, or 2,000 cc volumes. The intensifiers can be controlled hydraulically or pneumatically and are capable of dynamic application of pressures at up to 10 Hz. This setup is computer-controlled and allows for a full range of stress-strain paths to be pre-programmed for testing.


Download the PCP-200 PDF Brochure


  • Provides complete pressure control for a GCTS Triaxial system
  • 1,000 kPa maximum pressure
  • 150 cc volume capacity with a resolution of 0.01 cc
  • Manual knobs to control confining pressure, pore pressure, and back pressure
  • Single pressure gauge to measure accurate pressure differences with 2.5 kPa (0.5 psi) resolution
  • Includes Venturi vacuum pump
  • Graded water level sight tubes for electronic and manual readings
  • Mounting platform for pressure transducers and necessary plumbing
  • Upgrades available for computer-control of the confining pressure, pore pressure, and back pressure


Download the PCP-2000H PDF Brochure


  • 1, 2, and 3.5 MPa pressure capacities available
  • 300, 800, and 2,000 cc capacities available
  • 0.1 kPa pressure & 0.005 cc volume resolution
  • Static or pulsating pressure application at up to 10 Hz
  • Flow velocities from 0 to 2,000 cc/min
  • Stiff, stainless-steel construction for very low compliance
  • Electro-actuated ball valves for automatic operation
  • Pressure-volume intensifiers for confining, pore water, and pore air pressures available
  • Intensifiers mounted inside steel cabinets complete with calibration gauge, water reservoir, vacuum pump, & necessary plumbing
  • “Turn-key” pressure panel with de-airing tank, vacuum pump, precision gauge, and more
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic intensifiers available

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Pressure Control

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