Pavement Direct Shear Test

The GCTS Direct Shear Testing Systems can perform both constant normal stress and constant normal stiffness direct shear tests on either asphalt or soil specimens. These systems feature closed-loop servo control of the shear load and normal load actuators, and are complete “turn-key” systems. Through advanced software and hardware, these systems are especially well-suited to test coarse, granular materials and essentially eliminate all vibrations that would disturb specimen during testing.



  • Closed-loop servo control of double acting (push/pull) 50 kN (5 ton) shear load actuator with 100 mm (±50 mm) stroke & 50 kN (5 ton) normal load capacity with 50 mm stroke
  • Normal load reaction support mounted on sliding bearings to minimize horizontal friction
  • Accepts 150 mm (6″) square specimens
  • Software for automatic performance of direct shear tests with constant normal stress or normal stiffness
  • Available interface platens to test soils, asphalt and geo-membranes
  • Conforms to AASHTO Standard T-236

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Pavement Direct Shear Test

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