Testing accessories and preparation equipment
Reusable Membranes for Specimen Instrumentation


Membranes are used in triaxial testing for isolation of the test specimen from the confining fluid. These membranes are used in laboratory tests which include acoustic emission monitoring of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). GCTS has developed a new way of producing custom diameter and length membranes with ports for acoustic emission or ultrasonic velocity sensors. The membrane design allows these sensors to be in direct contact with the specimen for increased measurement precision, unlike the standard method where instrumentation is mounted over the sealing jacket. 


The sensor ports can be configured with the desired geometry for acoustic emission echolocation of the crack propagation in 3D space.  Additional ports can be added to the membrane for mounting strain measurement sensors. The membranes can accommodate a GCTS cantilever bridge (DEF-CAN) or an LVDT holder ring for measurement of local radial ...