Large Scale True Triaxial Test
True Triaxial (Polyaxial) Test

The GCTS Large Scale True Triaxial Systems are able to perform true triaxial tests on large rock specimens. These systems are ideal for testing a variety of rock conditions under very large loads, and since the stress in each direction on the specimen can be individually controlled, the computer-controlled system will produce extremely accurate results.


The GCTS Large Scale True Triaxial Systems feature:


  • Specimen dimensions of up to 300 mm x 300 mm x 600 mm (12 in. x 12 in. x 24 in.)
  • Cell pressure capacity of up to 10000 psi
  • Maximum deviator stress of up to 10000 psi
  • Optional temperature control up to 200°C
  • Optional platens for ultrasonic testing
  • Optional hydraulic fracturing platens for wellbore stability testing
  • Optional pore pressure control up to 140 MPa

The GCTS Large Scale True Triaxial Systems can apply large loads to large rock specimens, allowing for the study of the effect of intermediate principal stresses on very large rock samples. The stresses in each of the three directions can be individually controlled, allowing for an unlimited number of testing combinations. Many options are available to allow for an even wider range of available tests to be performed with a single system.

For full specifications, please contact GCTS.