Unsaturated Triaxial Test
Triaxial Test

The GCTS Unsaturated Soil Triaxial Systems are advanced systems used to perform triaxial tests on unsaturated soils. These "turn-key" systems can perform a wide range of tests, including both static and dynamic tests, and can also be used to test saturated soils. 


The GCTS Unsaturated Soil Triaxial Systems feature:


  • Complete "turn-key" automation
  • Closed-loop digital servo control of axial actuator
  • Multi-directional, automatic valves
  • Volume change and diffused air flushing systems
  • Direct control and measurement of pore water and pore air pressures
  • Dynamic tests can be performed at up to 5 Hz

The GCTS Unsaturated Soil Triaxial System is ideal for performing a wide variety of tests on unsaturated soils. This system is capable of performing the following tests.


  • Saturated or Unsaturated Triaxial Shear tests with different stress or strain paths
  • Drying or wetting Soil-Characteristic Curves
  • Hydraulic Conductivity
  • Saturated or Unsaturated Consolidation
  • Response to wetting
  • Liquefaction
  • Resilient Modulus
  • Cyclic Strength

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