Unsaturated Thermal Conductivity Test
Thermal Conductivity Test

The GCTS Fredlund Thermal Conductivity Sensor was designed to be a simplistic device that can be used to determine the soil temperature and suction in the field. With a 100m cable, this device can transmit data from any location on large sites. This system works in all types of soil and can be kept long-term in dry or moist soils.


  • Has a 1 kPa to 1500 kPa range of measurement
  • Soil water salinity does not affect measurements
  • Moisture barriers protect electronics from moisture infiltrations
  • 16-channel multiplexer accepts many different sensors, including suction sensors
  • Powered by 12V battery pack or optional solar panel

The GCTS Fredlund Thermal Conductivity Sensor can be used to determine the field soil suction and temperature. This system contains ceramic-tipped sensors, a suction sensor controller, and a power supply. Generally, 16 sensors are used, each with 10m of cable. Power for each sensor is provided by a 12V battery and a solar panel.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.