Large Scale Hollow Cylinder Machine
HCA-600 Large Scale Hollow Cylinder System

The advanced engineering of the HCA-600 Large Scale Hollow Cylinder System allows it to perform a multitude of advanced tests. With intuitive software and great technical support, testing experience becomes more efficient and enjoyable.


  • Complete “turn-key” system
  • Dynamic and Static Hollow Cylinder Apparatus capable of applying synchronized loading at frequencies up to 10 Hz or single axis loading at frequencies up to 25 Hz
  • 1,000 N-m torque and ± 300 kN axial load capacity
  • Confining, internal, and back pressure servo control up to 2,000 kPa
  • Angular displacement sensor with a deflection range of ±25° to measure large shear strains (±40° sensor optional)
  • Realistically imitates all stress path conditions encountered in the field
  • Easily duplicate and control static or dynamic changes in the magnitude and direction of the principal stresses
  • Study inherent or induced soil anisotropy


The GCTS Large-Scale Dynamic Hollow Cylinder System (HCA-600) is an advanced testing apparatus used for the development of constitutive models and the determination of strength parameters of isotropic and anisotropic soils. It is capable of performing stress path tests with controlled rotation of the principal stress directions. Granular soils with large particles can be tested using this system, as the variation of the radial strain over the wall thickness is negligible for large diameter specimens.


The HCA-600 provides independent control of axial load, torque, confining pressure, inside pressure, and back pressure. All 5 axes can be controlled using feedback from any direct or calculated input, including more than 20 test parameters that are automatically computed by the GCTS software in real-time.


The Hollow Cylinder Apparatus is the only device capable of imposing three-dimensional stress states and control the rotation of the principal stress direction. The included software easily allows to realistically imitate in the laboratory the varied stress path conditions encountered in the field.


The GCTS program continuously monitors all sensor outputs and calculates all variables during the test, allowing it to accurately account for uplift pressures, dimensional changes, and more. The HCA-600 includes automated valves and controls to automatically perform all test stages, including saturation, consolidation, and shear. Test programs are effortlessly created through a graphical interface that provides advice on how certain tasks should be performed, minimizing learning time and user errors.


  • 300 kN axial load capacity
  • 800 N-m torsional load capacity
  • 20 Hz maximum frequency
  • 25° maximum rotation
  • 2000 kPa confining pressure capacity
  • 300 mm maximum outside diameter

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.