Large Scale Dynamic / Stress-Path Triaxial System for Soils
STX-600 Large Scale Dynamic / Stress-Path Soil Triaxial System

The GCTS STX-600 Large Scale Dynamic/Stress Path Soil Triaxial System is perfect for large scale projects such as testing on soils with large particle sizes like gravelly soils and railway ballasts. Its versatility allows this system to automatically perform conventional triaxial tests as well as other advanced procedures.


  • Electro-Hydraulic digital servo control
  • Dynamic and static triaxial tests
  • Frequencies up to 20 Hz
  • 300 mm specimen diameter
  • Axial Loads up to 1,000 kN
  • Cell Pressures 1,000 kPa
  • Direct servo control of stress, strain (axial, radial, volumetric) or any other calculated variable


The GCTS Large-Scale Cyclic Soil Triaxial System (STX-600) is intended for performing dynamic tests on soils with large particle sizes, such as gravely soils and railway ballasts. The triaxial cell accepts 300 mm diameter samples with heights up to 700 mm. This system is typically used to perform tests for liquefaction, resilient modulus, cyclic strength, complex modulus, synchronized cyclic axial, confining stress loading and other dynamic triaxial tests.


The STX-600 also provides the necessary versatility to automatically perform conventional triaxial tests as well as more advanced procedures, such as stress or strain path.


The standard STX-600 system includes all the necessary hardware and software to automatically perform all triaxial stages, including saturation and consolidation. The user is able to program custom waveforms for testing and can be easily programmed to perform customized testing procedures. The system software advises the user on important testing tasks and is very easy to learn, allowing training time to be minimized while maximizing productivity.


  • 300 kN axial load capacity
  • 1000 kPa confining pressure capacity
  • 300 mm maximum specimen diameter
  • 20 Hz maximum frequency


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.