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Specimen Grinder Machine
RSG-500 Specimen Grinder
The GCTS RSG-500 Specimen Grinder provides the final step to preparing test specimens with parallel and flat ends according to ...

Triaxial Cell Equipment
TRX Soil Triaxial Cell
The GCTS Soil Triaxial Cell (TRX-100/200/300) is constructed of stainless steel with a see-through Plexiglas external cell wall...

Unsaturated Triaxial Double Cell for Soils
TRX-2C Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Cell
The GCTS Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Wall Cell (TRX-2C) is designed with tw...

Large-Scale Triaxial Cell for Soils
TRX-600 Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell
The stainless steel-constructed Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell (TRX-600) is ideal for static or dynamic testing of soils with c...

Compressional Wave Velocity Test Equipment
ULT-2 Compressional Wave Velocity Test System
The ULT-2 Ultrasonic Velocity Test System is designed to obtain compressional wave velocities in specimens.  The ULT-2 can...

Rock Ultrasonic Velocity Test
ULT-200 Ultrasonic Velocity Test
The ULT-200 Ultrasonic Velocity Test System is a turnkey system and includes everything required to perform Ultrasonic Velocity...