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Triaxial Cell Equipment
TRX Soil Triaxial Cell
The GCTS Soil Triaxial Cell (TRX-100/200/300) is constructed of stainless steel with a see-through Plexiglas external cell wall...

Unsaturated Triaxial Double Cell for Soils
TRX-2C Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Cell
The GCTS Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Wall Cell (TRX-2C) is designed with tw...

Large-Scale Triaxial Cell for Soils
TRX-600 Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell
The stainless steel-constructed Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell (TRX-600) is ideal for static or dynamic testing of soils with c...

Compressional Wave Velocity Test Equipment
ULT-2 Compressional Wave Velocity Test System
The ULT-2 Ultrasonic Velocity Test System is designed to obtain compressional wave velocities in specimens.  The ULT-2 can...

Rock Ultrasonic Velocity Test
ULT-200 Ultrasonic Velocity Test
The ULT-200 Ultrasonic Velocity Test System is a turnkey system and includes everything required to perform Ultrasonic Velocity...

P & S Ultrasonic Sensors
ULT-SNR P & S Ultrasonic Sensors
Platens for solid, cylindrical soil specimens with embedded P & S wave crystals. Bender element can be added with additiona...