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Rock Resistivity Measurement System
RES-100 Electrical Resistivity Measurement System
The GCTS Rock Resistivity System (RES-100) is designed formeasuring electrical resistivity in cylindrical specimens under...

Gauge for Specimen Flatness
RFG-100 Specimen Flatness Gauge
200 mm x 300 mm x 50 mm thick granite base (grade A, +/ 0.0001" accuracy) with dial gauge support for measuring flatness of spe...

Rock Fracture Toughness Apparatus
RFT-V100 Rock Fracture Toughness Fixture
The GCTS Rock Fracture Toughness fixture (RFT-V100) was designed to test cylindrical specimens under unconfined conditions to d...

Brazilian Tension Test for Rocks
RIT-B Indirect Tension (Brazilian) Apparatus for Rocks
The GCTS IDT-B Rock Apparatus is used for determining indirect tensile strength by the Brazil test according to the Internation...

Specimen Lab Saw Machine
RLS-100 Specimen Lab Saw
The GCTS Specimen Lab Saw has a power feed feature, which automatically pushes the specimen into the saw blade for an even, smo...

Lab Saw for Rocks
RLS-200 Rock Lab Saw
Automatic rock core saw with industrial electric 1 HP motor. 14" aluminum wheels regulate band-saw motion. Band-saw with indust...