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Rock Coring Equipment
RCD-500 Rock Coring Machine
Hydraulic motor with adjustable flow for speeds from 150 through 1,000 RPM. Drilling rate controlled by both pressure and speed...

Rock Resistivity Measurement System
RES-100 Electrical Resistivity Measurement System
The GCTS Rock Resistivity System (RES-100) is designed formeasuring electrical resistivity in cylindrical specimens under...

Reusable Membranes for Specimen Instrumentation
Membranes are used in triaxial testing for isolation of the test specimen from the confining fluid. These membr...

Gauge for Specimen Flatness
RFG-100 Specimen Flatness Gauge
200 mm x 300 mm x 50 mm thick granite base (grade A, +/ 0.0001" accuracy) with dial gauge support for measuring flatness of spe...

Rock Fracture Toughness Apparatus
RFT-V100 Rock Fracture Toughness Fixture
The GCTS Rock Fracture Toughness fixture (RFT-V100) was designed to test cylindrical specimens under unconfined conditions to d...

Brazilian Tension Test for Rocks
RIT-B Indirect Tension (Brazilian) Apparatus for Rocks
The GCTS IDT-B Rock Apparatus is used for determining indirect tensile strength by the Brazil test according to the Internation...