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Cantilever Bridge Deformation Equipment
DEF-CAN Diametral Deformation Device
The GCTS DEF-CAN Diametral Deformation Device is used to measure specimen diameter changes in order to calculat...

Large-Scale Deformation Apparatus
DEF-S1600 Large-Scale Deformation Device
The GCTS Large-Scale Deformation Device (DEF-SRCP-600) is a device used to measure the circumferential change in a cylindrical ...

Soil Circumferential Deformation Machine
DEF-SRCP Soil Circumferential Deformation Device
The GCTS Soil Circumferential Deformation Device (DEF-SRCP) measures the average change in circumference directly on the specim...

Differential Strain Curve Analysis Measurement Equipment
DSA-12 Differential Strain Curve Analysis Measurement Device
The GCTS Differential Strain Curve Analysis Measurement Device (DSA-12) is designed for testing cubical rock specimens under hy...

Fredlund Thermal Conductivity Sensor
FTC-100 Fredlund Thermal Conductivity Sensor
The Fredlund Thermal Conductivity Sensor (FTC-100) is an unsaturated soil sensor for measuring soil suction and temperature in ...

Gauge Positioning Apparatus
GPF-100 Gauge Positioning Fixture
The GPF-100 Gauge Positioning Fixture was designed for easy and accurate extensometer holder positioning on the cylindrical asp...