GCTS has developed new Standalone Pressure Intensifiers, the ePVC Series, which does not require an external hydraulic or pneumatic supply. The ePVCs only require a standard electrical power connection for independent control of hydraulic pressure or flow in a variety of applications, including creep testing systems where the axial load or displacement can be controlled using an ePVC.

The ePVC-70 features a 289 cc volume stroke measured with a directly integrated transducer for precise volume measurements without errors caused by the gear backlash typically encountered on systems using a motor encoder.  It also has a 70 MPa pressure capacity. The ePVCs are capable of closed-loop control of pressure or volume. Other pressure and volume combinations are available, as well as Hastelloy models for use with corrosive fluids, such as brine.

GCTS Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers (HPVC Series) are ideal for the servo control of the cell pressure in triaxial tests, head pressure in permeability tests, or fluid pressure in hydro-fracture tests. This intensifier can also be used to measure flow in permeability tests and volume change in triaxial tests while applying prescribed pressures.

The ePVCs include interface programs for PC or mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows).  A phone or tablet can easily be used to remotely set pressures or flow rates.  Multiple units can be linked through our CATS control software to simultaneously control upstream, downstream pore pressure, fracturing pressure, etc.