Dynamic Loading Machine
DLS-050 Dynamic Loading System

The GCTS DLS-050 Dynamic Loading System was skillfully designed to analyze the masonry wall behavior during seismic loading and to establish reduction factors to the elastic design spectrum.  Paired with highly developed software and controller, using pre-defined functions becomes quite easy and hassle free. 


  • Closed loop digital servo-controlled.
  • ±50-ton load capacity.
  • Static and dynamic loading at frequencies of up to 20 Hz.
  • Deformation or load control with "on-the-fly-bumpless" transfer.
  • Allows simulation of earthquake loading through "playback" function of prerecorded waves.
  • Optional servo-controlled vertical loading system.
  • Complete "turn-key" testing system.
  • Other configuration and capacities also available.

This equipment was designed and developed for the investigation of masonry wall behavior during seismic loading. It can also be used to establish reduction factors to the elastic design spectrum. Included with this system is the GCTS state-of-the-art digital servo controller. The easy-to-use Windows software allows application of cyclic loads using pre-defined functions such as ramps, sine, triangular, random, etc., at frequencies up to 50 Hertz. Also possible is the application of user generated profiles such as a digitized earthquake record with the "playback" function of prerecorded waves.

For full specifications please contact GCTS.